Publishers Letter

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 With 2014 firmly in our rearview mirror, we have had a chance to relect of the past year and we would like to thank all of our partners and readers for making this past year a wonderful one for us. As it marked our 10th Anniversary, we truely appreciate all of the people who offered us congratulations and their continued support.

We have also welcomed many new partners into our fold. It is wonderful to see them embrace our publication, understand what true partnerships are and share with us their wonderful projects. We have always positioned ourselves as a community of creative experts, combining our efforts to bring beauty to our readers, I am pleased to see our circle expand exponentially in the past year and look forward to the continued growth of our message throughout 2015 and beyond.

On a separate note, we would like to offer congratulations to Matt Cowan of Gallery of Kitchens, this year marks his 25th Anniversary in business. This is an amazing landmark and we wish him continued success.

Enjoy this issue as much as we have enjoyed producing it for you.


Shelley McCormick-Kolk Publisher

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