Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects Take on Transformations

For the architects at Pagliaro Bartels Sajda, inspiration for renovations are often drawn from the ever-changing patterns found in nature.

“Good architecture isn’t always about getting as much house on a project as possible. It’s about the manipulation of the building’s envelope so that its living spaces become one with the landscape, “said architect Christopher Pagliaro.


“Views are never singular.  They are experienced from different angles, often through multiple spaces.  They want to change as the sun moves, whether the seas are calm, the skies are blue or in a violent storm. It is nature provides the gift. And it’s our job to marry our dwellings to what is offered,” he added.

A key component of their renovation planning is the client interview. More than just a series of questions regarding the clients’ planned use of the space, it is an exhaustive process designed to truly understand every aspect of the customer’s lives.

Just how in depth are the questions? They cover everything from sleeping habits to extended friend and family. And while this part of the planning may seem a bit tedious-Pagliaro Bartels Sajda see it as a necessary evil.

“I tell each client that the more challenging they are, the better the project. The questions are endless but the answers become the checklist that the design must respond to. And that response to the client often enlightening.”


For the featured renovations, one common challenge faced by the team for was understanding the parameters of the original space. Because the work was not entirely new construction, the team sought to maintain continuity among the new and old designs.

“Whereas new construction is clean because every element is in your control, renovation can often be challenging,” Chris explained. “The key is getting to know what you are inheriting.  On some of the really old structures we sometimes found unexpected treasures and incorporated them into the final design.”


Because they are full-service firm, Pagliaro Bartels Sajda handled almost all aspects of renovations for the featured homes. The team not only include the planners, but also interior designers, landscape architects and an audio-visual expert.

“The idea is that it is a performing art: you cannot ask us to write the script yet not participate in the casting, set production and performance, “concluded Pagliaro. “ Since we wrote the script, it’s always good to have the common good in mind. We embrace the expertise our experts bring and ensure that there is harmony shared amongst all the talent.”

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