Opacic Architects Modernizes a Colonial in Sleepy Hollow

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Although they aren’t magicians, Opacic Architects had to work a few tricks to complete their renovation of this Sleepy Hollow, NY home.

The clients, a couple with ties to the fashion industry, were looking to completely transform their standard colonial-style house. Included with the planned overhaul was a new home office space, an expanded master bedroom and a garage-which was missing from the original layout.


“We used the original foundation along with a few key structured walls, “said architect Janet Roseff. “But this project required us to create a whole new space to meet their lifestyle.”

“For a something like this, we maintain communication with the client from the planning stages to occupancy. The idea is to hone in on the client’s needs, even if they can’t always verbalize it.”


Adding to challenges of construction was the reluctance of the neighborhood association to approve the plans. The organization had expressed concern regarding how the new house would blend in with their conventional setting.

In order to win over the association, Janet’s team took their final design cues from the historic neighborhood. Stucco was used based on precedence from some of the other homes. The attic was utilized for the large home office. And they worked closely with the group to ensure that the new landscape would not infringe on that of the neighbors.


Both the association and clients were thrilled with the results, an updated space that provided the best of contemporary conveniences paired with traditional building materials.


“We take pride in our ability to exceed our client’s expectations,” continued Roseff. “A lot of times clients feel like they need something but they aren’t sure of all of the possibilities. We tend to bring a lot to the table, allowing us to present new things they hadn’t yet thought off.”


Radoslav Opacic Architects

24 N Astor Street

Irvington,NY 10533



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