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What do you do if you love going to the movies, but you also enjoy socializing at home? You collaborate with Vita Design Group! The homeowner of this marvelous basement theater wanted a space to foster that special “out at the movies” feeling, while also providing a comfortable home-based venue where their children and friends could socialize. The basement renovation they achieved is masterful.

Lucien Vita artfully shaped the space to fit the client’s requirements, constructing tiered seating, a terraced ceiling and an inset projector, using luxurious materials and a color scheme evocative of the best grand movie theaters. An oversized screen hangs at the front of the room, embellished with lavish red curtains that can be pulled closed. Large Luxe chairs provides comfort for the audience, and a deluxe sound system fills out the viewing experience equipment. Double doors open onto this distinctive space, which is adorned with a rounded window to complete the feel of a theater. And, should the homeowners screen a musical concert, the lights flash in sync with the music, thanks to custom LED lighting.



The theater doesn’t stop with the viewing room. The rest of the basement features a lounge for socializing before the screening, and a concession stand furnished with shelves presenting a wide selection of luscious candies. There’s even a popcorn machine! Incorporated shelving for the homeowner’s entertainment library keeps the space organized. From the lighting and color palette to the extravagant finishes, every inch of this space was thoughtfully created to foster that posh movie-going feeling.

Lucian Vita can be reached at www.vdgarch.com or 203.283.1561

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