Freddy’s Landscape Company brings BioNova Natural Swimming Pools to Connecticut

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Many of us can remember the joy of swimming in a fresh-water pond or lake all summer long as kids. Up until now, most children have never had a natural swimming experience due to chemical treatments, polluted waters and more. Freddy’s Landscape Company of Fairfield, CT is bringing that fresh -water experience back as the only licensed dealer in Connecticut for BioNova Natural Swimming Pools and waterscapes.

These organic pools are 100% chemical free and purify the water using plants. The biological filtration system makes an ecologically-friendly pool, which requires less energy and maintenance. Pools designed as natural “pond-like” water oases, traditional styles, or with a modern, sleek aesthetics. Existing pools can even be retrofit to become chemical free as well.




BioNova Natural Swimming Pools have been making a splash in Europe for over 25 years and have just recently made it to the United States.

Freddy's Landscape Services is located at 40 Belmont St, Fairfield, CT 06824 - 203.855.7854 -

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