A Contemporary Foil Designed by Jonathan Wagner

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If variety is the spice of life, then contrast is a welcome addition to the palette. Such is the case with this striking pool house designed by Jonathan Wagner. It stands proudly as both sculptural focus and living space on the homeowners’ property, a contemporary foil to their more rounded and traditional-style dwelling nearby.

The space emerged from the interplay between architect and homeowner. The architect was charged to develop something unique and special, and the homeowner was eager to welcome something truly contemporary. The pool house is composed largely of one high-ceilinged central cube, with walled-in treated cedar mitered together for an elegantly minimalist look. Exposed stone accents the interior, culminating in a granite-framed fireplace with an eye-catching boulder standing alongside. An outstandingly crafted wet bar is cleverly built into the wall close to the fireplace, and the room is illuminated by a large central LED oculus ensconced among sleek fans. The robust exterior features include a bench-embraced fire pit, inset shower and barbecue area. A large rectangular canopy provides shade, its materials echoing those used in the nearby home. To a visitor looking out from inside the pool house, the house, patio and pool all flow seamlessly together in harmonious balance.






The homeowners wanted a space where they could relax and entertain, but they’ve discovered so much more in their pool house. This bright and clean space radiates vitality, inviting them to use it much more than they expected: it’s not only a retreat and space for entertainment, but also a place where they feel comfortable working. They use the pool house more than they dreamed—and isn’t that one of the best compliments you can give an architect about his work?

Jonathan can be reached at www.jwaia.com or 203-454-1825

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