Bates Masi Architects exhibits ‘old meets new’ in a mid-century kit home renovation in the Hampton’s

Preserving the styles of mid-twenieth century homes isn’t much of a focus for many residents in resort locations such as the Hampton’s. The hamlets, which consist of dwellers eager to start fresh in the community, have a frequent design turnover rate. So when local Amagansett, NY residents chose to preserve parts of their existing Robins Way kit-style home during renovations, architect firm Bates Masi + ARCHITECTS gladly obliged at the opportunity. A good portion of the house’s framing remained, and everything else was gutted down to the basic form of the post and beam. In addition, a larger master bedroom and bathroom was created. Senior Associate Paul Masi said the team of designers worked with the family of three to create a single design solution that would unify the old remaining parts of the house with the new intervention. “A vocabulary was developed that allowed the patina and history that the client favored to remain and new experiences to evolve,” Masi said. 8 With nearly half a century of mastery in the architectural field, Bates Masi’s team of experts embraced the unique need of the clients of Robins Way. The award-winning firm focuses on enriching lives through attention to all the elements of design, Bates Masi used this philosophy to transform the home that is nearly as old as the company itself. The homeowners, an interior designer and a DJ, sought to effectively orchestrate sound, illumination and equipment while simultaneously addressing the aesthetic décor requirements of the family’s one-of-a-kind object collection. Masi explained that she and fellow members of the Bates Masi team find inspiration in what the client is passionate about and the vernacular of the area that the project is located. Like many neighboring homes in the Hampton’s community, Robins way will primarily serve as a weekend family retreat from their city apartment. The clients’ professions played a significant role in the direction of the home renewal project.  “The husband is a DJ, which factored into our study of materials and sound absorption in the ceiling,” he said. “The wife is an interior designer and we worked closely with her on the interiors and finishes.” 12 The hands-on couple was involved in much of the renovation design decisions, including the use of reclaimed barn wood to resurface some of the interior walls and cabinetry, as well as the incorporation of a natural rope throughout the home in the ceiling decor.  Masi revealed that the rope pattern woven through the existing ceiling joists not only served as a shield for utilities and speakers, but also enhanced the home’s acoustics. “Since the client is a DJ, sound is very important. The rope weave acts as an acoustic baffle absorbing background noise, but allows music from the ceiling mounted speakers to be emitted.” 17 The Sag Harbor based firm created an impressive overhead pattern that showcases the natural rope weaved through a digitally fabricated framework, signifying different ceiling conditions. In addition to the utilities and speakers, it integrates with the décor to structurally to supports several items including a large steel framed mirror in the master bathroom and a chandelier in the dining room. The rope, which is also entwined along the home’s large sliding door, provides the family with privacy and a natural sun blocker. Robins Way doesn’t shy away from natural lighting, however. Rays of sun peek through strategically placed openings in the bathroom, casting linear shadows across the floor. Even the crossed weave of the rope penetrates bright beams of light from above. 2 Equally as stunning, the exterior of the 1960’s kit home seamlessly reflects the ‘old meets new’ style of the interior. The exterior is a dark stained cedar siding that wraps all of the exterior facades and transitions to the matching frames of the replaced windows and doors. Behind a sheet of glass, the same reclaimed wood lines the shower, giving the illusion of an outdoor shower.  “The clients now have a quiet escape from city life”. Masi said. Bates Masi offered the clients a brilliant layout solution that merged the house’s original charm with new interventions. As a result of the exemplary architectural quality, innovation and design demonstrated by the firm, the Robins way project yielded the firm several awards, including the 2012 Interior Design Best of Year Honoree and the 2013 Watermark Award. Masi concludes, “This project preserved the skeleton of the house and the history in the patina’d materials that the client desired. ARCHITECT Bates Masi + ARCHITECTS 138 Main Street Sag Harbor, NY 11963 631.725.0229

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