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Home is Where the Art is – Experts share their secrets to selecting the perfect piece for your place

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For many home owners, the selection of artwork is often considered an afterthought when planning a space. Yet the addition of art can add more to a room than mere decoration.  \Indeed, art has the ability to truly set the tone for any design project. But how does one obtain the right piece for their room? The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have great art. Just as long as the creation reflects your own personal taste. Luckily, the area is rich with local artists who can work with clients to make the ...

Look who just turned 10! The Anniversary Issue

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When I think back at our first issue of East Coast Home + Design, it is hard to imagine that 10 years later, we would be publishing issue number 70...Our 10th Anniversary Issue. We have come a long way in these years: updating our design esthetic, improvements in digital photography, a cleaner, modern feel, expansion into the Manhattan market. We shot our first issues on film and drum scanned the images! Can you believe that? 10 years ago we would receive piles of disks with images on them this issue, we received two. We have become the standard in our industry for ...

What’s New in the Field of Aesthetics? The Balanced Face

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The world of  Aesthetics has changed and evolved over the years. Treatments that were once reserved for the more mature face are now used in younger people and are lasting longer than treatments of old. As we age and lose facial volume, the options for softening or balancing the face as well as skin tightening procedures are more readily available and are able to bridge a person until the time they need  or want surgical intervention. Here are some of the newer products available: Artefill This new state-of-the-art FDA approved filler provides support for the skin while stimulating collagen cells to grow ...

Opacic Architects Modernizes a Colonial in Sleepy Hollow

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Although they aren’t magicians, Opacic Architects had to work a few tricks to complete their renovation of this Sleepy Hollow, NY home. The clients, a couple with ties to the fashion industry, were looking to completely transform their standard colonial-style house. Included with the planned overhaul was a new home office space, an expanded master bedroom and a garage-which was missing from the original layout. “We used the original foundation along with a few key structured walls, “said architect Janet Roseff. “But this project required us to create a whole new space to meet their lifestyle.” “For a something like this, we maintain ...

Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects Take on Transformations

For the architects at Pagliaro Bartels Sajda, inspiration for renovations are often drawn from the ever-changing patterns found in nature. “Good architecture isn’t always about getting as much house on a project as possible. It’s about the manipulation of the building’s envelope so that its living spaces become one with the landscape, “said architect Christopher Pagliaro. “Views are never singular.  They are experienced from different angles, often through multiple spaces.  They want to change as the sun moves, whether the seas are calm, the skies are blue or in a violent storm. It is nature provides the gift. And it’s our job to ...

2014 Transformation of the Year goes to: Linda Ruderman

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Linda Ruderman of Linda Ruderman Interiors gave us this years "Most Amazing Transformation of 2014". Her Floridian transformation blew us away in her creativity, inspiration and original concept. Linda designed the space as a luxury office for an executive and virtually every structural element was custom designed by Linda. We were "wowed" by her creativity! To reach Linda and create your own "Amazing Space", Contact Linda at:: Linda Ruderman Interiors 74 Greenwich Avenue Grenwich, Connecticut 06830 203.552.9700

Your Table is the Heart of the Home!!!

While living in France, I can’t begin to count the hours spent around the table. The majority of my memories of our time overseas is around a table; gatherings with multiple generations, eating, drinking, sharing. In our own home in the Loire Valley, our eat-in area was set up to resemble a small cafe arranged with a leather train bench found at the Paris flea market and cafe chairs. Besides meals and card playing, there were countless discussions with my ‘then’ teenage daughters. Time well spent! In a recent project, I recommended to our design client that we upgrade her kitchen ...

Women Making A Difference; A Guide To Philanthropic Giving

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Women give more to charity than men: it’s a fact. Research from Indiana University has found, amongst other things, that boomer and older women give 89% more to charity than their male counterparts. Why? Probably because according to that research, women are more focused on the impact of their giving and care more about their personal experience with the organization than men.   When given with thought, charitable donations can increase the benefits not only to the recipients, but also to you, your family and, yes, your finances. Think of such giving as akin to making an investment, and requiring some of ...

Most Men Just Want You to Tell Them What’s Right…Not What’s Wrong

"Baby what’s wrong?”  Hey.  Think long and hard before you answer this question.  You don’t know it yet, but it’s loaded.  There will be severe consequences if you answer it the wrong way.  Women emote.  Men fix.  If you forget everything else about men and women, remember those four words.  I believe that most men truly want to know when something is wrong with their mate, but that’s mostly because they want to make sure whatever’s wrong has nothing to do with them.  And if it doesn’t, they still have this overwhelming need to fix what’s wrong.  So if your ...

Artemis Landscape Architects Creates a Seamless Outdoor Retreat in New Canaan

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When Tara Vincenta from Artemis Landscape Architects was asked to incorporate an outdoor retreat to her New Canaan client’s 4-acre backyard she made sure to keep within the shingle style homes character, creating an atmosphere that was seamless. She wanted to design a “living and entertaining area as an extension of the house.” She was given a large palette to play with artistically and as the homeowners had a large space to be awakened in summer. This “retreat’s” main focus starts with the rectangular vivid blue pool that as Tara said “it is purposely set away from the main entertaining areas ...

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