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Let Me Entertain You

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What do you do if you love going to the movies, but you also enjoy socializing at home? You collaborate with Vita Design Group! The homeowner of this marvelous basement theater wanted a space to foster that special “out at the movies” feeling, while also providing a comfortable home-based venue where their children and friends could socialize. The basement renovation they achieved is masterful. Lucien Vita artfully shaped the space to fit the client’s requirements, constructing tiered seating, a terraced ceiling and an inset projector, using luxurious materials and a color scheme evocative of the best grand movie theaters. An oversized ...

Hidden Agenda

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A library built to showcase an impressive book collection is often noteworthy, but this private library designed by Sellars Lathrop Architects is truly exceptional. Howard Lathrop worked extensively with the homeowners to create an extraordinary home that was built from the ground up with numerous multi-use spaces and energy efficiency in mind. Born from the homeowner’s academic interests and extensive book collection, the library is designed for both display and use. It’s not just a gorgeous and airy library, however. The space encompasses a full-service bar in one corner and a large dining table to accommodate dinner parties. A central reading ...

Faesy’s Fabulous Folly

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A “garden folly” is decorative architecture created simply to astonish and delight—and this observatory designed by Bob Faesy is no exception. Centrally located on property being developed as a private park, this garden folly encourages walks, interaction with the local environment and appreciation of surrounding views, while also reminding all who use it of the many activities surrounding them. As the homeowners developed this private park, working with Faesy-Smith Architects and local landscape architect Geoff Middeleer, they encouraged native and natural beauty in woodsy areas and carefully cultivated grasses, ferns and flowers. These are wonderful spaces, but also areas that could ...

A Contemporary Foil Designed by Jonathan Wagner

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If variety is the spice of life, then contrast is a welcome addition to the palette. Such is the case with this striking pool house designed by Jonathan Wagner. It stands proudly as both sculptural focus and living space on the homeowners’ property, a contemporary foil to their more rounded and traditional-style dwelling nearby. The space emerged from the interplay between architect and homeowner. The architect was charged to develop something unique and special, and the homeowner was eager to welcome something truly contemporary. The pool house is composed largely of one high-ceilinged central cube, with walled-in treated cedar mitered together ...

Freddy’s Landscape Company brings BioNova Natural Swimming Pools to Connecticut

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Many of us can remember the joy of swimming in a fresh-water pond or lake all summer long as kids. Up until now, most children have never had a natural swimming experience due to chemical treatments, polluted waters and more. Freddy’s Landscape Company of Fairfield, CT is bringing that fresh -water experience back as the only licensed dealer in Connecticut for BioNova Natural Swimming Pools and waterscapes. These organic pools are 100% chemical free and purify the water using plants. The biological filtration system makes an ecologically-friendly pool, which requires less energy and maintenance. Pools designed as natural “pond-like” water oases, ...

THE CRAFTSMAN – Handmade Designs Inspired by American Craftsmanship

Some people think craftsmanship is a dying art. After all, it has to compete with the current desire for instant gratification, one-click buying and the must-have-it-tomorrow way of American life. But, fortunately, a core group of artisans still believe in quality and American-made craftsmanship, and they are determined to not let the tradition fade away. Handcrafting is all about a love for design, a passion for perfection and the desire to keep improving. For the creators of handcrafted, quality products, craftsmanship is the center of their lives. It’s the reason they get up and go to work every morning—and they are ...

Terri Ricci Interiors moves to Norwalk

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Terri Ricci takes her interior design business forward with another milestone – a new interior design studio in Norwalk’s up and coming Wall Street Design District. Having spent the past 8 years working from her home office, Terri recognized the need to find a larger space to accommodate her growing business. “As my project demands expanded, I needed more room. After looking at several locations, I knew I found the perfect site when I discovered this raw space. The opportunity to work with a clean slate and create an environment from the ground up was fun and energizing,” comments Terri. The newly ...

An Ideal Collaboration

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Meet an experienced group of professionals who individually have mastered their craft and together their ability to collaborate to achieve great designs and magnificent spaces. See photo presentations showing the full scope of their collaborative work from original concept through to completion. Hear the stories of how they worked together, developed design concepts and helped their clients through the design and building process. Speakers: Philip James Dodd, Bespoke Residential Design Lynne Scalo, Lynne Scalo Design Foster Reeve, Foster Reeve & Associates Thursday, April 21, 2016 The Bruce Museum, 1 Museum Drive, Greenwich, CT Wine Reception, 6:00pm Speakers, 7:00pm Please RSVP directly to:

New Series Introduces the Interior Designerlebrity

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In the moments leading up to the first take, Barbara Viteri takes in her surroundings. The television production crew dash across the gorgeous purple studio space, perfecting Viteri’s million-dollar set before filming begins. She looks over and exchanges a warm smile with one of the industry’s leading interior designers seated across from her. As her mind drifts back to the grunt work it took to reach this level of stardom in her career, Viteri hears, “We’re rolling in 5, 4, 3, 2, ...” The show, Designerlebrity™ Talk with Barbara Viteri, gives this well-respected guru the perfect platform to introduce the best ...

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