2015 Annual Interior Designer Issue

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As a reader of this magazine, you know better than most: design is highly personal. When you choose a designer, you are welcoming an individual into your home and your lives. The impact of that interaction will affect you, your family and your friends for a long time to come.

Our job is to utilize the most progressive technologies—like metallic inks, die cuts, double and even triple foldout covers—to provide the highest quality images for you, our readers, and to generate interest for our advertisers.

The Printing Institute of America (think the Oscars for top-echelon printers in America) likes our style. We took first and second prize in the category of highest quality architectural magazine in the country. And our sister magazine, W2W, won third place in its category.

We’ve been winning awards for years, something we find easy to do because we combine our knowledge of how to produce the greatest product in the nation with photos that our partners provide of the greatest homes in the nation.

Cover A

Cover A

Cover B

Cover B

There are so many ridiculously talented designers in our demographic that we wanted to showcase the best. So, for this issue, we reached into our printing bag of tricks and created two different covers, then we finessed the technology so every delivered bundle of 24 magazines will feature alternating covers. Our intention is to give you, our reader, the greatest opportunity to find the right individual to help you make your house…your home.

Matthew Kolk



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